Language guide

Like with any trip abroad, it’s good etiquette to learn some basic conversation in the local language, and it’s now easier than ever with a range of apps to choose from. You never know, it might get you some top tips on places to eat in the ski resort, or scenic routes to take on the slopes. Plus, it really helps when ordering a beer.


Although you’ll be wearing goggles while you ski, pack a pair of sunnies for when you stop for lunch. The sun’s reflection from the snow can be very harsh so pop those on while you enjoy your croque monsieur or burger and chips.

Sunscreen & lip balm 

The high altitude and the sun’s reflection can also cause you to burn quickly. Make sure you use an SPF lip balm and good sunscreen, because who wants to come home with embarrassing goggle lines…


Being on the slopes all day can be very tiring, so fill your pockets with some high-energy snacks to keep you going between meals. We recommend nuts, protein bars and most importantly, chocolate.

Hand warmers 

Make sure to invest in some good-quality waterproof gloves, but sometimes even that isn’t enough. Keep some handwarmers in your pockets to keep your circulation going when you’re sat on the chairlift or stopping for lunch.

Action camera 

How can you possibly show your mates your mountain skills without an action camera? Before you go and panic-buy a brand-new GoPro, there are lots of cheaper alternatives that come with all the accessories so you can attach the camera to your helmet. Let the ski vlog commence.

Ski Tracks app

This handy app records your entire day on the slopes without the need for mobile data. Discover your speed, distance and altitude at the end of each day and share with other users. For £0.99, it’s a real bargain.


If your ski jacket doesn’t have many pockets, it might be a good idea to bring a small backpack or bum-bag to keep your lift pass, hotel key, phone and snacks in. Pick one that’s not too bulky that will easily fit under or over your jacket.

Portable charger 

Although you’ll be doing more skiing than scrolling, make sure to pack a portable charger for your phone. This will come in handy if you find yourself lost and low on charge, or just need to post that iconic boomerang to your Instagram story.

Hip flask 

Wearing the right layers and a proper jacket should keep you warm, but a hip flask filled with your favourite tipple might also help you staying toasty. We all know skiing isn’t a cheap trip, so it will save you money if you’re staying for the après. Thank us later.


The most important item of clothing for a trip like this is the socks. Your boots should fit nice and snug but there is a chance they can rub, so make sure the socks you pack are nice and thick to keep you warm and blister-free. Bring spares.


If you’ve been enjoying the après scene a bit too much, you might need a Berocca and paracetamol to soothe your head the next day. Make sure you also chuck some Lemsip and blister plasters into your toiletries in case the cold weather gets to you, or if your socks weren’t quite thick enough!


Swimwear…in the mountains? A lot of ski resort chalets and hotels have outdoor hot tubs or nice spa facilities, so you may want to take a dip and relax your muscles after a long day on the slopes. Just leave the budgie smugglers at home.


Last but not least, don’t forget a portable speaker. You’ll need one to play all your favourite tunes in the chalet while making dinner, or in the hotel getting ready for a day on the pistes. Get your ‘Ski Trip 2020’ playlist at the ready.

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