Want to stay somewhere that’s better than above average? We searched far and wide and have found five extra-special spots we’ve got saved to our bookmarks. Each with its own quirks and personality, these spaces are not only good-looking on the inside but are all in great locations too. Hit escape.


A treasure of Kent’s beautiful countryside, Old Smock Windmill is a four-storey windmill that has been refurbished as a guest house whilst keeping all of its wooden fixtures and giant spur wheel for added authentic feels. It’s somewhere different to your typical Kentish cottage plus with its 18-inch brick walls, it’s a snug place to get some downtime.


Looking to logout of all social media and retreat to the middle of nowhere? This charming cottage in Crieff, Scotland is a total winner. In the style of a typical New England Clapperboard house, this B&B sits peacefully over a babbling brook with spectacular views of rolling green hills. Unplug from life and de-stress with a game of tennis in their all-weather court.


Located in Somerset, Studio Farrows is surrounded by abbeys and green-as-anything countryside. The B&B itself is decorated with eclectic art, books and come with a giant wood-burner. Its main feature is the vintage Ford Anglia sitting in the living room (much like the Weasley’s family car from Harry Potter), which has been on quite an adventure – it has been driven up the Pyrenees! It’s now in its final resting place, injecting added charm into your weekend getaway.


Just as the name suggests, this Garden Refuge is a remote space that will transport you far, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In a Cotswold garden with greenery and ponds just metres away, whilst it doesn’t have cooking facilities, it does give you the chance to eat the breakfast of champions in the perfect spot – The Old Post Office in Guiting Power.


A Veeve and Airbnb listing – the Chelsea Art Apartment is where old meets new. In a refurbished Victorian artist’s studio, this gallery-cum-B&B is filled with bright and vibrant art that makes your London stay cheerful even when the weather isn’t. Double ceilings, expansive windows and original artwork throughout, this space is for when you need to go off-the-grid and get a little headspace.