We’re quick to forget what’s actually outside our proverbial front doors, so we’re sweeping across the British Isles and doing it all in one summer. Sticking close to our coastal roots, we’re living for the thrill of adventure and surfing, zip wiring and shark diving all summer long. Plus we’re taking you along for the ride.

Taking the wheel of our first landie is Gemita Samarra, an explorer-stuntwoman who campaigns for displaced humans in her spare time. Joining her on the road is an adorable doggo named Lupa. We catch up with her about all things summer, HTRJ and a few of her other projects here.

Landie number two will be captained by Steph Elswood. Professional dancer turned confidence-boosting health coach who spends her time empowering women through her unique brand of unapologetic sass. Our full Q&A with her is here.

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