DID YOU KNOW? Sylt was used as an alternative location for our very own Martha’s Vineyard in Roman Polanski’s 2010 film The Ghost Writer. The ferry between the islands of Sylt and Rømø features heavily.

DO SAY:  ‘Ich liebe Zoolt!’ – or at least that’s what it should sound like if you pronounce it correctly.

DON’T SAY: Please see Faulty Towers. Look it up.

WHAT TO WEAR: Think Salcombe in the summer, a loafer and an oversized top and you are good to go.

WHAT TO DO: Hire a bike and cycle everywhere – the island is extremely flat so speed and distance will be your friends. Plus the buses have racks for bikes for the way back if you’re tired. Plus it’d be rude if you didn’t say hello to the guys in our store 🙂

DIARY DATE: German Polo Masters happen annually on the island from the 2nd to the 6th August.

WHO/WHAT YOU MIGHT SEE: Lots of Germans – obviously – it is often described as ‘The Hamptons’ of Hamburg, as well as a lot of other northern Europeans looking for a St. Tropez-style getaway. Also a lot of windsurfers – the World Champs are held there every year.

WHAT TO EAT: More like where to eat…check out Bazeit, just anything on the menu!

WHAT TO DRINK: An Aperol Spritz made with Syltbar Prosecco of course! According to their website they’re inspired by the island’s way of life and its sun-kissed meadows, majestic cliffs, and the allure of the sea.

HOW TO GET THERE & BEST VANTAGE POINT: You need to take the ferry from Niebüll, roll your window down for the journey to enjoy the spectacular view crossing the sea to the island (FUN FACT: it was built in 1927).