DID YOU KNOW? The International Ghost Research Foundation once declared York the most haunted city in Europe.
DO SAY Points if you can use the words ‘antwacky’ or ‘barmpot’ in a sentence.
DON’T SAY “Ee bah gum, we’re up north”
WHAT TO WEAR This one’s a no-brainer. What else could deflect the Yorkshire drizz􀁞􀁞le better than a traditional fl􀂾at cap􀀣?
BEST VANTAGE POINT Locals say the best view over York Minster is from the M&S café. Rumour has it it’s the only place in the city from which you can see the entire minster – and get afternoon tea at the same time.
DIARY DATE  The York Community Carol Concert is one of the city’s most popular festive events. Don your novelty festive accessories (a Christmas jumper is a must) and head to the York Barbican on 11 December for an afternoon of music. If this doesn’t banish your inner Grinch, nothing will.
WHO YOU MIGHT SEE Possibly a distant relative; probably a Viking impersonator; certainly not a famous face. Sorry.
WHERE TO DRINK Why not brave York’s most haunted pub, The Golden Fleece?􀀣 Built in 1503􀀕􀀙􀀔􀀗, the hotel has five ghosts-in-􀀑residence, so if you can make it through the night, at the very least you’ll make a few friends.

Jack Wills, 18-20 Stonegate, York, YO1 8AS