DID YOU KNOW? Happy Hour has been illegal in Boston since 1984, putting a downer on post-work drinks for more than 30 years.
DO SAY Giving directions?“Bang a left/right.”
DON’T SAY “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”
WHAT TO WEAR When in doubt, pack something black, wear Celtic green or support the local sports teams. Rival team colours will not be tolerated.
BEST VANTAGE POINT It requires climbing 294 steps but the view from the 221ft Bunker Hill Monument is well worth it. Spy as far north as Charlestown, the Zakim Bridge and Boston Harbour.
DIARY DATE Relive one of the most famous public protests in American history on 16 December at the Boston Tea Party 242nd Annual Reenactment, where you can join the procession to Griffin’s Wharf, accompanied by fife and drum.
WHO YOU MIGHT SEE There’s always a chance you might run into the Good Will Hunting boys Damon and Affleck, Mark Wahlberg or Orange is the New Black’s ‘Crazy Eyes’ (Uzo Aduba).
WHAT TO DRINK Bostonians might not like to be asked repeatedly about their Irish heritage but evidence of pride in their Celtic roots is everywhere. Order a pint of Guinness at The Black Rose in downtown Boston, where you’ll find plenty of locals and Irish visitors soaking up the traditional food and music.

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