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1st March, 2017

Meet the Jack Wills Alumni - former employees of ours who have gone on to set up their own businesses & creative ventures.

JW Alumni: The Tandem Men George &#

22nd March, 2017

Leaving store changeovers and student nights behind, George & John, AKA The Tandem Men, have cycled around the world.

JW Alumni: Ed Foy, PRESS London

1st March, 2017

Healthy living entrepreneur Ed Foy, founder of PRESS London, tells us about what he learnt during his time at Jack and building an iconic brand.

JW Alumni: Beth Salter, Shut Up Stu

1st March, 2017

After working for us, Beth went on to set up her own design studio, which works to bring small businesses and issue-based projects to life.

JW Alumni: Ben Jones, The Yacht Wee

2nd March, 2017

From shooting our campaigns in Oxford to helping launch us in America, Ben has travelled the world. He's swapped Landies for yachts as Head of Product at The Yacht Week.

JW Alumni: Jesse Burgess, TOPJAW

2nd March, 2017

From campaign model to presenter & collaborator, Jesse has travelled the world with Jack and the future (besides a bit of Trump dodging) looks bright!

JW Alumni: Jess Sheppard, Copper Ga

1st March, 2017

Jess worked in our Guildford store while finishing her degree; now in South Africa, she's set on conquering the world on social (& IRL).

JW Alumni: Charlotte Cooper, Yoga

1st March, 2017

Charlotte, after delivering projects for some our most creative campaigns, has swapped city-slogging for downward-dogging and more.

JW Alumni: Ed Smith, Doisy & D

1st March, 2017

Ed Smith began his career by interning with us back in 2009. We caught up with him about chocolate, collaboration & keeping your cool.

JW Alumni: Keenan Foley, Orillo Fil

1st March, 2017

Keenan’s career in film started by capturing an in-store Jack Wills party. That was 2010 - he's now Creative Director of his own company.