Was your New Year’s resolution to workout more? Ours too, and we haven’t stepped foot in a gym either. Let’s be honest, dry January was a challenge in itself – thankfully there’s still 11 months left of 2018 to make good use out of that gym membership. Maybe you just need to find the right workout space to start off with, or maybe you just haven’t found your thing yet.

Don’t fret, we’ve found the top spots to get your pump on, whether you’re short of time or prefer to make your own schedule. Find something a bit different, try a class that scares you; consider your workout whereabouts, sorted.


A vital tip to get started: get a whole new stylishly functional outfit, after all, looking the part is half the job done. Girls, get coordinating with the Wyndham sports bra and the Rayner leggings, or the Elmley hoodie and the Baydon joggers for a relaxed, movement-ready fit. Guys, this season’s Sporting Goods collection ensures that you can mix and match a variety of separates in grey, white & blue, or black, white & olive. We say pair the Perivale tee with the Wexham joggers and pop the Hillington sweat over the top.

Rest up (for now) and take a gander at some of the fantastic new workout spaces we’ve headhunted for a more productive 2018.

  1. DISCO YOGA @ Trapeze Bar 

You can dance, you can jive, but can you do yoga at the same time? Do the downward dog with Diana Ross playing in the background and experience a new form of yoga that you didn’t even know existed. If the sparkles didn’t tempt you, a superfood cocktail straight after class should do the trick. Get glittered pre-class to really get in the mood.

  1. R&R @ KXU 

Dedicate some time to your health and rest like you mean it. All too often we do an intense workout and won’t stretch properly afterwards. The solution? A recovery session at KXU. Offering Cryotherapy Chambers and Infrared Saunas, you can spend minutes – post-workout – detoxifying your body, releasing toxins and relieving pain. Forget about ever having DOMS again.


Defy gravity and run through concrete jungles, confining yourself to absolutely zero rules. Last year, the UK was the first country to recognise Parkour as an actual sport, and since then there have been Parkour parks and communities popping up all around the UK. But safety first! Practicing by jumping into a foam pit surrounded by professionals is a much better way to start off your Parkour journey.


Having a gym buddy is good, but training as a unit is even better. The whole point of doing a class at UN1T? Everyone has to workout as one to complete a class. Your peers will push you out of your comfort zone to achieve maximum results and vice versa. It’s something new, somewhere new and a space with a whole different atmosphere to what you’re used to.


A little worried about getting caught in some stranger’s left hook at the next boxing class? Avoid the punches and do it in the comfort of your own home with The BoxxMethod – a flexible online, on demand workout platform. With content updated monthly, you can follow videos for their signature BoxxHIIT workouts and do an intense session minus the potential black eye.


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