Getting back into the swing of things takes time, layering up effortlessly shouldn’t. Whatever your style and whatever the season, layering is about to become your go-to technique to win in the style stakes. We’re shining a light on our easy tips and tricks so you can layer up matching or opposing colours, textures and lengths to add personality and finesse to your looks.

It all starts with the basemid and outer layers to battle the weather this autumn and winter.


Not only is layering a win on an aesthetic front, it has many a practical use too. Come autumn, and especially in winter, it’s the layering up of base layers, teesshirtshoodiescoats and jackets that will keep your body heat in and the cold out.

The perfect winter outfit can be approached in several ways, but we find that a three layered attack works best to defeat the cold, although depending on predicted lows, we’d suggest the more layers the merrier – and as Gran always said ‘you can always take them off, you can’t put more on’ – thanks Gran.

The first layer should aim to manage moisture, the second should insulate and the outer layer should protect. Translated into simple terms, a trusted cotton T-shirt or top goes on first. Cotton, especially when treated with a wicking finish helps to move moisture away from the body keep air flowing and body heat in.

Next up something knitted. Traditionally this could be something like a cable knit jumper, cardigan or sweater, however sweatshirts and hoodies are woven in such a way they can be more effective.

Finally, the layer on top should be chosen in relation to the wether, dry and cold calls for warmth, wet calls for weather-proofing – with these principles in mind you can’t lose. Take a look at our jackets and coats to pick the right one for you, or perhaps choose to compromise with a gilet.


Right, we’re off to art school with a little bit of colour theory. Remember the primary colours of red, yellow and blue? Remember the secondary colours of green, purple and orange? Remember how contrast or complement each other? Well they do. Layering tops and other garments offers you an opportunity to experiment, so it’s up to you how you most want to deploy them within your wardrobe. Monochrome dressing, meaning you’ve chosen colours that all belong within the same palette, is an assured route to chic, however in recent years colour-blocking and pattern- clashing have been used in measure and with equally stunning results.

Whether you’re being bold and brave or staying neutrally tonal with your outfits, keep it considered and conquer colour. Have a browse of our cardigans, cable knit and crew neck jumpers and pick what would suit you.


Nowadays your garments can be constructed out of almost anything, from the premium wool of a Shetland sheep to yarns spun from recycled plastic bottles, how these fabrics feel against your skin is just as important as how they look. Materials like wool, lace, cotton and performance Lyrcas will all have a different look and feel. Play around with how they look next to one another; smooth fabrics reflect light differently to textured ones, lighter fabrics move differently to heavier ones – make note of how different combinations effect these properties and use them to your advantage.


Guys, figuring out how to stay warm and look great at the same time is just as easy. Whether your layering up with jackets, upon jumpers, upon shirts for that effortless thrown-together look or working gilets over hoodies for a simple outfit styling, our tiers of layering will make sure you’re ready and kitted out for the new wardrobe term.