This time of year is unpredictable. Tackling that whole ‘sometimes warm, sometimes cold’ climate is always tricky – and it’s something we also struggle with here too. That’s where layering comes in. Key to this season’s styling game, layering makes conquering ever-changing temperatures easy – if it’s a little too hot in the office, take your jumper off, if the air-con is full blast, slide a layer back on.

Starting a new chapter in our layering life, our latest spring campaign focuses on pairing sportswear essentials with premium prints and textures, finishing off the outfit with a generous dash of colour.


To nail a Times of Change look, start with a base layer, something colourful like a T-shirt  or top that will add a slice of colour when popping out from underneath. Then layer over sportier pieces to keep things sleek and to avoid unnecessary bulk; guys go for an easy sweatshirt and girls put on a pop-over hoodie. Finally, add the garnish ­– maybe that’s a clean-cut bomber jacket or a chiffon skirt covered in digitally rendered, floral prints. Serve up a statement-making, Instagram-able outfit and wait for the likes to roll in. Single layers – your time will come in the summer.

Explore our new campaign, fall in love with our new arrivals and get playful with your layering.