It’s been over a week since entries closed for our 2016 U.S. Seasonnaires and we have been having a GRAND old time reading through some of the crazy, weird and wonderful application answers.

We asked our potential Seasonnaires to tell us their Tinder tagline, guilty pleasure and proudest achievement (one which they might not be keen to include on their CV). Some of the responses were just TOO good to keep to ourselves.

Everyone knows that first impressions are important, so we wanted to know how our future Seasonnaires sell themselves in the search for romance/Netflix and chill.

“Let’s get pizza”
“You remind me of my appendix. You make me feel funny inside and I want to take you out”

“If you like bottles of Prosecco & catching rays in the sun,
If you’re not into quinoa and think rowing is fun,
If you like making love in the morning, after making me brunch,
I’m the love that you’ve looked for,
Let’s go out for lunch.”

“Hi, I’m the small package good things come in”
“Esquire Magazine: ‘He’s a great guy’”
“If I was to choose you as my fruit I would call you my fine-apple”
“Talk nerdy to me”
“Just like bubble tape, I’m six feet of fun”

A LOT of these answers revolved around tequila, eating ridiculous amounts of ice-cream and nutella or dancing to Taylor Swift while home alone… but here are some of our other favourites:

“Instagramming my coffee or singing along to Kanye or Jay-Z in the car”
“Absolutely anything that contains Channing Tatum”
“I’m known for leaving the club early to get cheesy chips and gravy from my favourite takeaway before it closes at 3am”
“Back to back David Attenborough shows… I WISH I WAS HIS SIDEKICK!”

Some of our applicants have got some incredible achievements under their belts…

“Going to the Volleyball Junior Olympics in 2012”
“Climbing an active volcano in New Zealand. It took 7 hours, 30,000 steps, sweat and determination but I did it”
“I climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro last summer and raised £3,000 for Hope for Children charity. However I did this with tonsillitis and a hangover which is not mentioned on my CV…”

…but this one has to be our favourite:

“I once got 16 Skittles up my nose and only got 15 back out. The last one is a mystery”