Emma Louise Connolly is originally from Dunblane in Scotland; now residing in West London, she’s an international model who loves do pilates, yoga and circuits. Feeling happy, healthy and centred is as important to her as all the campaigns she fronts. We chat to her about keeping the right work-life balance.


JACK WILLS: What was it like growing up in Dunblane?

EMMA LOUISE CONNOLLY: It was amazing, obviously I didn’t know any different, living in London is much more fast and there’s more variety when going out, bars, restaurants, activities. I love it; it’s beautiful; my family are there, my friends.

JW: Your accent isn’t massively full on?

ELC: It isn’t but it used to be when I lived there. But as I said before I moved to London and I found that I was speaking very fast, and very Scottish and I had to slow down. As I slowed down it then became a lot more mellow, I’ve travelled a lot and I’ve got friends from all over the place, so maybe I’ve just picked up different accents.

JW: What workout routine do you absolutely love, and what do you hate?

ELC: Most of the workout routines I do, I love; it ranges from yoga, pilates, boxing, HIIT training. I find HIIT is really effective on burning fat and its such a quick pace that you don’t really realise, you’re not watching the clock and waiting for it to end. It’s circuits so doing each exercise for 30 seconds and then moving on to the next. I’m not a runner, unfortunately I have been blessed with very dodgy knees, so running for me is a no.

JW: What other cardio do you do if you can’t run?

ELC: Swimming, I guess, whenever I’m on holiday, in the sea or in the pool, but apart from that I don’t find myself going to the local swimming pool, which maybe I should start doing that.

JW: Do you consider yourself sporty or an athlete?

ELC: I would love to consider myself an athlete but unfortunately I am not an athlete. Sporty, yes, I guess so. I workout because I enjoy doing it and I love to do it, not because I have to or that I have to regiment about doing it.

JW: Why do you work out and what does it do for your life?

ELC: I workout because I feel like it really centres me. It puts me at a point where, I do it 3-4 times a week, and once I’ve done that I feel like I’ve achieved something from my body. It’s something I’m doing to make myself feel good, feel healthy, happy, centred. If my mind feels strong, my body feels strong, and I guess that’s why I have fitness in my life, because it makes me feel strong.

JW: If you could be a professional athlete, what sport would you choose?

ELC: I would want to be a professional beach volleyball player. Because I would get to train in beautiful destinations, on the beach, under the sun, by the sea. That sounds pretty dreamy.

JW: What do you like to do to relax and take a break?

ELC: I like to be at home, I like to be with family, I like to be with friends. Reading. I love reading, I go through a book a week – actual paper books, not kindles, I like to feel the pages. I just like being chilled in my pyjamas on the sofa eating good food and having a good time.

JW: What is your ultimate goal in life?

ELC: My ultimate goal in life is to always be happy, to be healthy, and to be passionate about people, subjects, and the things that I have in my life. And I want to be challenged.

JW: What is your goal in fitness?

ELC: My ultimate goal in fitness is to be the best version of myself. I want to strive to be better. I am not always great at things, and I’m ok with that, I want to improve. I want to keep doing it and doing it until I feel comfortable that I’ve achieved something new.

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