Three former Jack Wills Seasonnaires tell us all about the summer they spent on the postcard-perfect U.S islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

What was the standout moment of your summer as a Seasonnaire?
Rachel: ‘8 hours on Nantucket’. Jumping on a boat after work on the Vineyard, racing across the Sound, pulling into the Nantucket harbour at sunset with the BEST crew, swimming, night out at the Box, sleeping on the boat, waking up at sunrise, racing back to the Vineyard… being dropped off at the end of the dock and going straight to work. Sunglasses and coffee = essential.
Ricki: A Jack In The Box classic… I stepped out for fresh air in the smoking area (ironic, I know) and noticed a girl taking a photo of me. I made some wise craic asking if she’d like my autograph too – turns out she did. My ginger hair and accent got me mistaken for Ed Sheeran (UGH).
Brooke: The moment I left at the end of summer and realised how many people I had to say goodbye to. How many incredible, lifelong friends I made from all parts of the globe, and the bond that we shared on one tiny island.

The islands’ best kept secrets?
Ricki: Both have a drive-in cinema showing of Jaws for one night only during summer – you won’t find it online. The movie was filmed in the Vineyard so it adds to the fear factor. Park your chairs and get the drinks going.
Also, swimming in the phosphorescence on Steps Beach. You never know when they’re going to shine but catch it right and it’s just perfect. I recommend cycling down after a heavy Jack In The Box and taking a dip… maybe even a skinny dip. The rest you’ll have to get out there and find for yourself!

Rachel: Lucy Vincent beach. You can always find a wave to surf, if you forget your bathing suit you can spend the day looking for shark teeth in the cliffs and at the end of the day there are the world’s best sunsets.
Brooke: Tuckernuck Island, just off the coast of Nantucket! A group of us took a friend’s motorboat over for the day with food and drinks and we had the ENTIRE beach to ourselves. The water was bright blue and the sand was soft, so it felt like we were on our own deserted tropical island.

Three words to describe life as a Seasonnaire?
Rachel: The dream exists
Brooke: Life-changing. Spontaneous. Salty.

Ever get into trouble on the Island?
Ricki: We swore we’d never speak of it but Brooke and I got pulled over for having too many people in the car on our way to the brewery… Who would have thought you could squeeze 6 girls in the back of a Landy?!

What are your summer suitcase essentials?
Ricki: Definitely the Salcombe seersucker shirts – these beauties never need to be ironed, an absolute result when you’re never home enough to even know where the iron is. And the Branwell swim shorts in bright yellow; Americans will hear a Brit’s accent from a mile off so you might as well stand out while you’re at it.
Rachel: If I could live in the Shrenstone swimsuit everyday on a beach I would. Plus the Asterton daisy jacquard skirtAmara lace hole v-neckBelby scarf and the Allerthorpe bag will also do the trick.

Best piece of advice for future Seasonnaires?
Rachel: Hands down, say yes to everything. Take risks and step outside your comfort zone.
Brooke: ALWAYS say yes to mini-adventures. Especially with the people who live on the island year-round; they know all the hidden gems.
Ricki: Say yes to everything! You’ll never get to relive your first summer on the Islands. See as many sunsets and sunrises as possible.

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