They’ve packed their bags, said their goodbyes and have touched down on the idyllic U.S islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Their summer agenda: throwing the best and biggest parties on the islands, bar-hopping, table-top dancing, chilling on the beach and catching the surf.

Representing the UK on the islands are Fee and Ella. Fee hails from Norwich, has just finished her final year studying Advertising at Bournemouth University and will be spending her summer on Martha’s Vineyard. Ella, a second-year Sociology student at Newcastle University (who is also a model in her free time – no biggy), will be swapping her hometown of St. Albans for a summer on Nantucket.

In the US corner we have our American boys. Jon has just finished his final year of university in California and will be bringing the party to Nantucket with Ella this summer.

Our fourth and final Seasonnaire is Sean, your typical ‘All-American’ guy. He’ll be teaming up with Fee on the Vineyard for a summer of riding waves, playing sport and chasing adventures before he heads back to High Point University in the autumn.

So tell us a little more about yourselves – What do you bring to the party?
Fee: Questions, conversation and cocktail banter.
Jon: I’ve got the playlist to rival any DJ in the city and the dance moves to go with it.
Ella: Definitely not meat, but I’m a pro at mixing martinis.
Sean: Mystery – Everyone is still trying to figure me out.

What should we ask you about?
Sean: Keeping the man bun for summer…
Fee: Fitness, music and upcoming parties.
Ella: My Goldendoodle Angus, making cocktails and the nightlife in Newcastle.
Jon: NYC, caption advice and stories from my past.

And what should we definitely not ask you about?
Jon: My freshman year of college.
Fee: Football.
Sean: If I’ve played Lacrosse.
Ella: My list of weird phobias.

What are your summer must-do’s?
Ella: Yoga on the beach, jump off the bridge from Jaws, learn something new and never turning down an opportunity.
Fee: Learn to surf, jet-ski and staying up till 6am!
Jon: Make enough British friends to perfect the accent, learn how to DJ and throw bigger and better parties than any previous Seasonnaire.

What are your summer essentials?
Sean: My Seasonnaires T-shirt, the Batsford Wills popover hoodie and the Branwell swim shorts. Plus sun, sunglasses, and sun tan lotion. Oh and beer’s an essential, right?!
Fee: The Shrenstone swimsuit, Tidbury flip flops and the Avondown denim pinafore dress.
Jon: Striped swim shorts, the Bridgend sweatshirt and a classic Oxford Shirt.
Ella: The Payhembury hoodie, the Maggie shirt dress, short dungarees, and some Marmite and Dairy Milk chocolate from home!

What’s on the soundtrack of your summer?
Jon: Who Gon Stop Me – Jay Z & Kanye West
Sean: Hate Being Sober – Chief Keef
Ella: Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus. I’m joking! (…or am I?)
Fee: Roses – The Chainsmokers

And what would the title of your autobiography be?
Fee: Yesterday You Said Tomorrow
Ella: Triple A: Animals, Avocados and Alcohol
Jon: Is He Kidding? I Can’t Tell…
Sean: Calm, Cool and Collected: A Story of Sean’s Life

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