Jack Wills: Where does ‘Copper Garden’ come from?
Jess Sheppard: Not many people know this, but my friend actually came up with Copper Garden – so sadly I wasn’t the creative genius with that one! I quite liked how unique it was and the fact it could be shortened (as I tend to talk about my blog, Copper, like it’s a person).

JW: When did you start working at Jack and what was your role here?
JS: I started in June 2015 when I was about to begin my third year of university as a Sales Assistant. It was a great part time job to have around studying Fashion Design at university.

JW: What is the one memory of Jack that you look back on most fondly?
JS: The friends I made. We were quite a small team, and all got on really well, so going to work was always something I enjoyed. We met in Pret for breakfast before the early shifts too – chocolate croissants and coffee all the way!

JW: What was the most important thing that you learnt whilst working at Jack, and how has it helped you building Copper Garden?
JS: Copper Garden was actually around for a year prior to working at Jack Wills but it meant that I could add more of a brand that I genuinely loved into my blog. I also met Sam (sam-gray.com) and we used to take each other’s pictures, which helped a lot because we could chat about our blogs, and give each other content. I think Jack Wills helped me realise the importance of communication and being a team player – especially during Christmas! We all pulled together and somehow got through some crazy busy days as a team.

JW: What gave you the inspiration to go it alone?
JS: My friends and boyfriend gave me a big push because I’d spoken about it for months and it’s the best thing I ever did. I’m now able to travel the world without worrying about taking time off work because travelling is now part of my work (as long as I keep taking outfit snaps, of course).

JW: What has been the key to your success so far?
JS: I like to think I’m quite a down to earth girl. I keep my audience up to date on my life and not just where I am in the world or my most recent outfit. I’m quite a chatterbox in real life and I like to write exactly as the words appear in my head so it’s always like I’m speaking to them and not just a computer screen.

JW: What would your advice be to people wanting to become a full time blogger?
JS: Stay genuine. In honesty, you can’t predict the success of a blog and if bloggers knew how they got so many followers – they’d have way more themselves! I think keeping true to yourself and working hard is a great way to grow an audience that loves you and your content so they stick around, then the ‘full time’ status might follow.

JW: What does the future hold for Copper Garden?
JS: Hopefully a lot of adventure! I’ve just set off for a three-month road trip around South Africa and want to continue travelling for a long time afterwards. I think Copper is going to remain a style blog firstly but with travel too. I think blogging and social media is going to be around for good and hopefully Copper will live on too.