What began as a small British start-up in Salcombe nearly 18 years ago, dreamt up by two enterprising friends who had just graduated from university, has since grown into an international brand with stores and customers all around the world.

This is in no small part thanks to our amazing network of employees, past and present, who have over the years all demonstrated their entrepreneurial talent and flair for making things happen, whatever their area of expertise. We’re dedicating this month to catching up with Jack Wills Alumni (#JWAlumni) who started their careers with us and looking at what they have gone on to achieve, in industries as varied as chocolate-making and graphic design, juice-pressing and event-planning.

Ed Foy

Beth Salter

Ben Jones

Ed Smith

Charlotte Cooper

Keenan Foley

Jess Sheppard

Jesse Burgess

The Tandem Men