JW: Where will your travels be taking you?

SE: The trip will be taking me all around the UK. So, I start in Covent Garden and then go to Land’s End, then back up through Cornwall, we’ll go to Bath, Snowdonia, everywhere really!

JW: What are you most looking forward to?

SE: I’m really excited about the beach clean because I’m a stereotypical vegan, I love the environment. Also, surfing, I’ve done a bit of surfing before, I like to think I’m a pro but I’m actually awful! So, some advice would be great. I feel safest when I’m by the ocean so I’m also excited about the sea kayaking.

Then, I going on the longest zip-wire in Europe and literally can’t wait. And of course hanging out with my friend Lottie.

JW: What are you most looking forward to discovering about Britain?

SE: I mean I’m very used to London where everyone keeps themselves to themselves. I feel like the moment you leave London everyone becomes friendlier, and to me that’s the best of Britain. Having conversations with strangers from all over the country, I think that’s what I’m excited about most.

JW: Tell us about your friendship with Lottie, how did you guys meet, how long have you known her?

SE: I’ve known Lottie now for about five or six years, we went to the same dance and performing arts college, but we never crossed paths. After graduating, we were both auditioning for a film, the part was for a 14-year-old and I was in my 20s and Lottie was like 25 and we just glued ourselves together because she was kind of a familiar face and everyone else was about 11.

We spent the whole day together we had lunch together and from then on we realised that we had a lot of similar interests and we started hanging out more. Now we are literally each other’s number 1 fans and we spend as much time together as we can. If we don’t see each other at least once a week then both of us go insane!

JW: Have you guys travelled together before?

SE: Yeah, we recently did a trip to Austria together and it was like the tester for this trip and we passed it, so yes, I’m excited.

JW: Any weird moments when you guys were travelling?

SE: Yeah, thankfully we’re on a similar wave length. We both want to do the same things. I mean, I am definitely a very messy person and Lottie is very clean. I was very aware to keep everything in its place and I think I’m going to struggle with that but I’m going to try.

JW: What’s the best part about being on the road?

SE: Taking in the journey, taking in what’s around you, blaring urban throwbacks and singing along like it’s carpool karaoke and getting to do it all with your best friend.

JW: What’s your favourite thing about summer?

SE: I love being in the heat, wearing shorts, I love beaches and how everyone is happier when the sun is out – it’s like a massive noticeable difference.

JW: How did you get into fitness and launching @healthychefsteph?

SE: I fell into fitness totally by accident. I’m the least sporty person you will ever meet. I was picked last for every sports day, but at dance college I had an eating disorder… so in my second year I was diagnosed with bulimia and I went into recovery for that. During my recovery journey, I fell in love with fuelling my body in the right way with good food and then I wanted to keep fit and exercise so I started going to the gym, and I caught a bug for it. I fell in love with it and I just wanted to learn more and more and push my body even further to become the fittest I could be.

JW: Did veganism come into play at that time?

SE: No, I became vegan quite recently. At first, I was worried about going vegan because I thought it might be triggering as it is quite restrictive, but now I feel like I’m eating three times a day with a purpose. I have researched a lot into the environmental side of things and read more into animal rights as well as the health side of things, so now there’s three big things pushing me to stay vegan. Instead of eating for aesthetics or eating to look a certain way, I feel like I save an animal every meal!

JW: What’s your favourite meal?

SE: Hummus! It’s literally my best friend. I could have hummus on anything!

JW: What is Stay Sassy?

SE: Stay Sassy, again, happened by accident. My Nan passed away about two years ago, she lived in my family home whilst she was sick. She was suffering with lung cancer. It was like having a little sister, her and I would just wind my Mum up. I used to Snapchat her and she became a snapchat sensation that I called the Queen of Sass because she’d share these stories of how she would flirt with her male nurses and all this hilarious stuff. She started saying “Stay Sassy” at the end of every snapchat.

Before she passed away she told me to promise her that I would dance more, so I did and shared my journey back into it with my followers, posting dance videos and they were always asking if I’d put on a class. So, I came up with this one-off event idea, where I would teach a dance class, have some snacks and have some body positivity, motivational speakers, and qualified psychologists to talk afterwards. It sold out in half an hour.

After that event we, donated all of the profits to the hospice that looked after my Nan before she passed away and it motivated me to put on bigger events and to be able to reach more women. So last year we set up the Stay Sassy Foundation and my goal is to open a studio with a little café off the side as somewhere safe for women to go and feel confident. The long-term goal is to eventually have education in schools and performing arts colleges for body confidence in women.

JW: On your journey so far what is your biggest take away?

SE: For so long, my internal voice was so negative and so self-harming to my mental health that I’m aware of that and whenever I think a negative thought, I kind of flag it and give myself a little compliment. Now having the mental attitude to switch that negative voice can totally change the outcome of your mindset and your day.

JW: What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

SE: I think the main piece of advice I’d give my younger self is – be kinder to yourself. Learn to love yourself just that little bit more. I have always had a big heart but I spent too much time giving it to people and not taking enough time to give it for myself. I think you can always be your own little cheerleader.

JW: What did you want to be growing up?

SE: My dreams as a kid were so random, I had three big aspirations either to be an architect, a heart surgeon or a dancer.

JW: What’s your top travel tip?

SE: Always carry an extension cable! You know those plug sockets that turns into four, I can’t really live without electricity…

JW: What piece of clothing could you not live without?

SE: Oohh, I couldn’t live without leggings because they’re so comfy and you can just be a sloth but they are also acceptable to wear out…

JW: What’s your favourite meme?

SE: OMG, I’m obsessed with Gemma Collins memes, all day, every day, I just love her!

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