JW: What are you most excited about this summer?

GS: I’m excited to be adventuring more this summer, because last year was more about working and getting my head around life, so I’m excited about going on an actual adventure this year.

JW: What’s your travel top tip?

GS:  To not plan too much, I find that I don’t ever actually end up sticking to it. Try and immerse yourself in the local culture, try and meet the local people and not just do your own thing.

JW: How did you get into stunts?

GS: I got into stunts through synchronised swimming originally, which isn’t the usual route for people. It got me my first underwater role as a stunt actress when I was about 16 or 17 where I played a TV villain in Manchester and that opened up all the doors. Then I was underwater for two years before I had my first job on land and that was that, into stunts.

JW: What’s been your favourite project so far?

GS: Stunt-wise I would have to say Bond [‘Spectre’, 2015]. I loved doing the Tim Burton movie [Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, 2016], a lot of it was underwater and that’s my thing, but Bond was just a whole new level.

JW: Have you had any near-death experiences?

GS: Only because of my own stupidity, work tends to keep me on track, whereas it’s in the training in-between that I try to do something dangerous…I guess I’m always facing death, but it never comes to fully slap me in the face.

JW: Have you always been this sporty?

GS: I’ve always loved sports; I grew up as a ‘professional athlete’, show jumping and swimming. Actually I was probably more so as a child, now I just fall over for a living. There’s less skill involved, just controlled recklessness…

JW: Where did you get your sense of adventure?

GS: Probably my parents, my mum was a dancer and performed as a trapeze artist, not technically in a circus but still, so I grew up wild and free like her. My brother is massively into adventure sports, like climbing, surfing and kayaking, so I kind of followed him too, classic big brother and trying to compete with him.

JW: What did you want to be as a child?

GS: I’ve always loved animals and I’ve always loved helping people too, so I guess I sort of got what I wanted.

JW: What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

GS: I would probably tell myself that it’s ok to say no. I grew up a ‘Yes Man’, which is great and it’s why I do so many things now, but it’s also why I’ve probably made more than my fair share of mistakes.

JW: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

GS: I guess I don’t actually get embarrassed that easily; you have to really care about about what other people think of you and I just don’t have that quality.

JW: What is your spirit animal?

GS: Luppie! [Gushes over her husky, Lupa]

JW: If you could be any person from history, who would you be and why?

GS: I would be Dan Eldon; he’s one of my biggest inspirations. He was an adventurer, journalist, photographer and writer. He sadly died the year I was born and his mum is now one of my close friends. He’s just awesome and I love his art and his style.

JW: Can you tell us about your project My Name Is Human?

GS: My Name Is Human is a homeless project I started this year, it’s focussing on long-term creative solutions for homelessness, not just the homeless in the UK, but displaced people all over the world including refugees. The aim is to use creativity, sustainability, education and sport to get their lives back on track and remind them what they’re passionate about, that they’re human and life’s not just about survival.

JW: Where’s the coolest place you’ve been to in the world?

GS: I love Africa, probably Namibia or Botswana. I also love North Africa. Morocco is so close and easy to get to from the UK; its got great surfing, great climbing, great food – I love it there.

JW: Where did your love of documentary filmmaking come from?

GS: Spending hours on set not having much to do just watching hours and hours of documentaries. I was learning a lot about the world and thought I should go and see it in the same way, which is how I got into film production as well.

JW: What places are you excited to go to over the summer?

GS: There’s some very good surfing in Scotland. Also going diving with basking sharks, because not many people think you can do that in the UK. That’s the whole idea of this project, doing things that you don’t expect you can do in the UK, because people are very quick to escape, me being one of them. It’s so easy to jump on a plane and off you go. We forget what we’ve got right in front of us. I’m really excited to meet some random people on the road too. Especially in Ireland…there’s definitely some characters there.

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