NAME: William Spencer Satch
AGE: 26
HOMETOWN: Henley-on-Thames

What’s your proudest achievement? 
Winning an Olympic medal with my best mate at a home Olympics, not much can get close to that… yet.

Where’s the best place your sport has taken you & why?
I’ve been incredibly lucky having travelled all over the globe and I’ve seen some amazing places. Competing in Korea was pretty special, particularly as that’s where I became World Champion for the first time. The pre-Olympic orientation camp in Rio wasn’t too shabby either.

What’s been your biggest set back and how did you overcome it?
I went into London 2012 in a lot of pain and full to the brim of analgesic. Hip surgery was booked for after the festivities – I had to get a hip arthroscopy – so I went from being at the very pinnacle of my game to not even being able to walk. Although the medics were delighted with my recovery, for me it was a real struggle and it took me to a very dark place – it seemed to take forever!

Who was your childhood hero?
Captain Scarlet, because he had the mystery healing power of retro-metabolism. Luckily for me Father Christmas got wind of this and brought me the outfit.

Who would be your number one dinner party guest?
David Attenborough, every time!

Describe yourself in three words.
Sixfootsix, Ginger, withattitude (never could count).