NAME: Georgie Strang
AGE: 28
SPORT: Eventing
HOMETOWN: Lamberhurst

What does a typical day of training look like?
I get up at 6.45am to feed and hay the horses. Then I have a quick cup of tea and breakfast, making sure I’m ready to ride the first horse at 8am, while the girls muck out and ready the rest of the horses. I usually get six of them ridden by about 1.30, then try to take an hour for lunch, make phone calls, send emails etc. Then I ride two or three more horses and/or teach lessons. I’m finished up in the yard by about 6pm. I usually take horses out four times a week to attend other training session or competitions.

What’s your proudest achievement?
Finishing third at Boekelo CCI3* in Holland 2014 and competing at Burghley CCI4*  in 2015.

Do you have any pre competition rituals?
Not a ritual, but I am superstitious with anything new; clothing, tack, equipment. It has to touch the floor before it gets used!

What’s on your sporting calendar for 2016?
I will be competing most weekends during the season but the big events are Bramham (June), Blenheim and Burghley (both September).

Where’s the best place your sport has taken you & why?
South Korea for the World University Championships. We won the team silver. It was an incredible experience.

What’s been your biggest set back? How did you overcome it?
Breaking my wrists after falling off a horse while training. Both wrists had to be operated on and pinned. I was in casts for five weeks. It was total hell; I couldn’t do anything for myself! I then found out I had been selected for the World Young Horse Championships in France in six weeks’ time. I became incredibly bossy around the yard, but was so lucky to have amazing help from everyone to keep the horses going. I went to the gym to keep fit and was back on a horse the day after the pins were removed, rode in an event five days later and was competing in France the following week, which sadly didn’t go to plan either as they cancelled the event after my dressage test as it rained solidly and the cross country course was flooded.

Who was your childhood hero?
Pippa Funnell (and she still is!)

Which app could you not live without?
Netflix. I get slightly addicted to watching series like Game of Thrones and House.

What’s your worst habit?
Sleep talking, and occasionally walking!