What does your training schedule look like? As my sport is very seasonal my training schedule is really varied. During the winter I compete on the World Cup tour circuit so travel around a lot, going from Finland to China to the USA then Canada to Russia and Belarus. In the summer I spend most of my time in Switzerland and the rest of the time I’m back at university in Bath which I love.

What is your golden rule when it comes to fitness? No beer the day before training!

Where’s the coolest place your sport has taken you? Beijing. It’s crazy there! Nothing like I’ve ever experienced before – the culture and the people are totally different, and the food can be amazing. The last few years they built us a huge scaffolding ramp to compete on right in the middle of the ‘Bird’s Nest’ [Beijing National Stadium]. Awesome atmosphere!

What’s your proudest sporting achievement? Winning Britain’s first ever European gold was a very special moment, as well as finishing on the podium at the Junior World Championships in 2015.

What’s your best/worst habit? I’m always the first one to the gym in the morning so I get to chose the music. Worst? I’m quite easily distracted, by anything.

Who was your childhood hero? Jonny Wilkinson. I’ve always been a huge rugby fan, and I played before I got serious with my skiing. He’s a perfectionist who never failed to give it his all on and off the pitch; he was and still is a huge role model for me.

Describe yourself in three words: Enthusiastic, passionate and easy-going.

What does the rest of 2016 look like? I was back at university in Bath until my pre-season kicked off in November. I’ll be travelling up to northern Finland to train with the Swiss team until the first World Cup in China starts just before Christmas.

HOMETOWN: Shaftesbury
INSTAGRAM: @lloydwal
TWITTER: @lloyd_wallace