Take a scroll down memory lane, find an old photo from a gap year, summer travels or holidays and simply post it on your Instagram, tagging #JWTravels and @JackWills.

The top shots, judged by industry pros, will feature on our Instagram each week. These will then be entered into the Travel Photographer Of The Year awards, meaning they’ll be exhibited worldwide (we know – awesome!) The overall winner will be selected and will win a holiday with three friends to The Yacht Week. Just look at their Instagram to feel the jeals. (Read our interview with TYW’s director of product Ben Jones here.)


When it comes to Instagram, we believe a strong #nofilter policy is best applied. Long gone are the days of over filtering photos beyond recognition. IPhone camera capabilities are (almost) up to DSLR standards these days anyway! Those of us that have been on the ‘gram for a few years now are more comfortable with the finer tunings of the ‘Edit’ options to perfect the shot. To put it simply, filters are mostly dead. However, there are a few we still approve of:

Inkwell – banish blemishes, awkward sun effects and colour clashes easily by removing colour altogether. Simple, effective and only a little bit pretentious, when it comes to black and white images – if it ain’t broke…

Hudson – if you’re on an architecturally inspired mini break or making your way though Scandinavia then this filter is for you – icy, and with lightening properties, think the Hudson River in January.

Mayfair – subtle, flattering and improves any photo, Mayfair is your favourite denim jacket of the filter world. Trust it with your selfie taking life, or boost up your UK beach shots if the clouds roll in.

Check out the #JWTravels gallery and check out your competition.