In gloriously old-school fashion, you can only apply for seated tickets for this annual event by letter. If you didn’t send a note to the Brigade Major in time, join the crowds along the Mall or watch the Saturday rehearsals before the main event. All this pomp and pageantry is to celebrate Her Majesty’s official birthday – although she was born on 21st April, it has long been the tradition to celebrate it publicly in the summer, when good weather is more likely. How very considerate.

Trooping the Colour has taken place almost every year since the early 18th century and, as with the best regal ceremonies, it’s as traditional as they come. Expect an inspection of the Household Division troops on Horse Guards Parade, gun salutes in Green Park and at the Tower of London and an RAF squadron flying past Buckingham Palace. Union Jacks, hip flasks and Wills ‘n’ Kate masks at the ready.