Photography: Clive Bennett

Britain can lay claim to many modern-day sports – rugby, tennis, curling – but polo isn’t one of them. Happily, though, the world’s top 22 goal (High Goal) polo tournament happens here in England at Cowdray Park, the UK’s oldest and most prestigious polo club. There will be socialites. There will be champagne. There will be trousers in every shade of pastel, fascinators perched at precariously jaunty angles and a very well-kept schedule thanks to Cowdray’s official timekeeper Jaeger-LeCoultre. There will also, of course, be polo of the very highest standard.

The Gold Cup polo matches – 33 of them – are guaranteed to be high-octane, conversation-stopping stuff. If in the lingo stakes, you’re more pukka than chukka, pay attention to the witty yet informative commentators. The matches reach a crescendo on Sunday 17th July at the Final, which dictates the winner of the British Open title, and The Mucky Pheasant bar will be there in the thick of the action. Visit us for a chilled beverage and take a seat on the lawn to enjoy a very British summer.

Cowdray Park, West Sussex