Last year new chairman Sir Steve Redgrave launched live streaming so that oar-and-cox lovers the world over could enjoy the regatta from the comfort of their own armchair, barstool or clubhouse. Take the train from London – it’s an event in itself and the party starts as you pull out of Paddington. Ladies, you’ll be outdone in the sartorial stakes by rowing alumni in blazers and snappy club ties and the all-in-one-clad, super-fit rowers. Laugh in the face of the below-the-knee rule and you’ll be expected to remove yourself until you’re correctly attired.

This event requires life-long commitment if you’re really serious about rowers – sorry, rowing; the waiting list to be a member of the Stewards’ Enclosure is, apparently, a decade long. There are up to 90 races a day on a course one mile and 550 yards long and Henley has both its own rules and a longer course than any other comparable event. The rowers will be judged on winning but you’ll be judged on the calibre of your picnic so pack wisely.

Wednesday 29th June – Sunday 3rd July