February marks the end of Dry January, the end of flirting with your overdraft limit and the end of feeling completely miserable. Oh wait, no, because February, ladies and gentlemen, means Valentine’s Day *sighs*.

That’s where we come in. Whether you’re buying for yo’ man, or picking up something for the better half, your BAE, your BFF or just yourself – whichever applies – we have tonnes of gift ideas to inspire you and to ensure your continued relationship happiness. ‘But what do I do about the date?’ Please, read on.

Dependent on what you choose, dates can be cheap ‘n’ easy or hideously expensive. Plus your level of trust with the attendees can make it amazingly intimate or just plain awkward. Below are some thinking-outside-the-box ideas, whether you’re going out or staying in 😉


Karaoke – If you can’t drunkenly sing into each other’s eyes what hope have you got?

Make a terrarium jungle – yes really. Learn to make an arrangement of living things to keep alive. The plants die, your love dies. (See Grace & Thorn)

A long walk – Walking gets the blood pumping, stimulating the mind and freeing up conversation. Take a picnic if you’re up to braving the winter chill in the name of romance.


Star-gaze in your garden – On a clear mid-February night there is nothing nicer and more romantic than watching stars (and space stations) cross the sky.

Making dinner in – Ready. Steady. Cook. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, Google it. Introduce the concept to the three-course meal you were planning on making anyway and we promise you’ll have more fun.

Garden cinema – Again, it’s outside, but hey – anything to avoid a basic Netflix and chill night, right?