When it came to kicking off our very own Ribeye boat’s tour of the beautiful British coastline this August, we couldn’t think of a better place than Salcombe. We felt nostalgic for the year 2000 and the inaugural Bring On The Summer party we threw on Salcombe Beach – being by the water, vodka-lemonade-and-lime in hand and enjoying fireworks into the night was what it was all about.

It’s that spirit we’re bringing back this summer, although now we’re drinking prosecco. Oh, and did we mention we’ve built a boat? We’ve teamed up with Devon-based boat builder Ribeye and luxury home lettings experts Salcombe Finest, and we’ll be out and about on the water for the next few weeks. HMS Jack, as we like to call it, will be cruising along the coast and providing boozy refreshments (beer, obvs) to some of you lucky sailors at the Salcombe & Dartmouth Regattas and THE event of British sailing – ASM’s Cowes Week.

This is where you’ll find us, in port or out at sea: Salcombe Regatta (3-7 August), Cowes Week (8-13 August), Salcombe Beach Rugby (24 August) and Dartmouth Regatta (25-27 August) and you can follow us on social to keep on board (sorry) with all the action.