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Between 16:00-19:00 on Saturday 16th November, we will be offering a gift-wrapping service on all Jack Wills products, with free mince pies, soft drinks and live music. We have also partnered with Irish brand, Shortcross Gin, who will be giving out free gin & tonics to all customers. We repeat, free gin & tonics for all!

Shortcross Gin

Fiona and David Boyd-Armstrong founded the Rademon Estate Distillery in 2012 with the intention to create a drink that redefined Irish gin, while also becoming the first brand to be distilled in Northern Ireland. The name ‘Shortcross Gin’ originated from the distillery’s local village, Crossgar, which in Gaelic or Irish means the ‘Short Cross’. Since officially launching in 2014, the hand-bottled and wax-dipped gin has had success after success, become an award-winning brand on an international scale.


If you can’t make it to our Belfast store on Saturday to taste this gin yourself, surprise your family and friends with these delicious cocktail recipes, courtesy of Shortcross. Try them out at Christmas to ensure a very merry day…

A Berry Good Thyme

–  40ml Bartender Series One Gin – purchase here.
–  10ml Orange Curacao
–  15ml Anam Apple Citrus
–  10ml Thyme Syrup

–  Add all ingredients to a mixing glass
–  Add ice
–  Stir for 90-120 secs
–  Add block of ice to serving glass
–  Strain mixture into glass
–  To garnish, twist an orange peel around a sprig of thyme

Chia Me Up

–  50ml Shortcross Gin – purchase here.
–  Muddled Pomegranate Seeds
–  10ml Cane Sugar Syrup
–  75ml Pomegranate & Raspberry Presse
–  To top: soda Water
–  To Garnish: chia seed swipe, bay leaf

–  Combine all ingredients and mix in a cocktail shaker
–  Top with soda water
–  Garnish with the frozen chia seed swipe and bay leaf

Rosie’s Road

–  35ml Rosie’s Garden Gin – purchase here.
–  15ml Cocchi Americano
–  20ml Lemon Juice
–  15ml Sugar Syrup
–  Sicilian Lemonade
–  To garnish: rosemary

–  Add gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and cocci americano to a cocktail shaker
–  Shake ingredients well for 90-120 seconds
–  Prepare serving glass with ice
–  Pour mixture into glass
–  Top with Sicilian lemonade
–  Garnish with a sprig of rosemary

For more tasty recipes, visit the Shortcross Gin website.

More events? 

Keep an eye out for our next blog post about The Houlies, who will be performing at our Edinburgh Christmas lights event. There will also be gift wrapping and festive treats at a number of events across the UK which you can find here.

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