The New Tate: On 17th June the long-anticipated, ten-storey extension to the Tate Modern throws open its doors. With a display space increase of 60 per cent, expect plenty more unmade beds, cracked floors and formaldehyde sharks for years to come.
Tate image © Hayes Davidson and Herzog & de Meuron

Liverpool Biennial: Contemporary British art mainstays Mark Leckey and Marvin Gaye Chetwynd will be joined on Merseyside by 35 other commissioned artists from around the globe at this Festival of Contemporary Art (9th July until 16th October). The John Moores Painting Prize at the Walker Art Gallery, the Bloomberg New Contemporaries at Bluecoat and the Biennial Fringe will accompany the ninth edition of this artistic jamboree. Well worth a weekend away.

Build a collection: Collecting art needn’t be a millionaire’s game, although that obviously helps. Call up your arty friend (surely you all have at least one? If not, find one – they’re usually bonkers, in a good way) and head to the graduate shows to pick up a future art-star’s seminal works. Our top degree show picks are Central Saint Martins (London, from 25th May), Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow, from 16th June) and the Royal College of Art (London, from 26th June).

Heroes of summer: If you’re a big fan of fighting-off-evil blockbusters, this summer’s cinema releases were made for you. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-Men: Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Captain America: Civil War, another Star Trekand an all-female remake of Ghostbusters will be clogging up the country’s big screens soon. Prepare for your senses to be obliterated in the name of all things right and good.

DIY cinema: Follow in the footsteps of collective viewing pioneers such as Secret Cinema, Edible Cinema and Hot Tub Cinema and hold your own back garden movie marathon. Curate a programme of classics for kudos with your BFFs; Grease, Jaws, I Know What You Did Last Summer, A Street Car Named Desire and (500) Days of Summer all get our vote.

A gourmet snack attack: Projector at the ready, but your snacks still totally underwhelming? Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn company is family-run and all their kernels are popped in the UK. Specialising in innovative flavour combos (goat’s cheese & black pepper, caramel & espresso, G&T), they’ve got every wacky palatable pairing covered.

Harry Potter 8: The script of a play all about a middle-aged Harry and his mid-life crisis? We’re totally sold on the concept too…

Game of Thrones 6: It may be summer but winter is coming – eventually. We hope. George R. R. Martin, get a move on. Otherwise the TV show will take on a life of its own.

Read all about it: Edinburgh’s Fledgling Press is an independent publisher discovering the grass-root talents often missed by established printing gods. Its top read this summer? Board by Scottish journalist and writer David C. Flanagan. This autobiography is described by Fledgling Press as “an inspiring story about accepting some limitations and overcoming others, while completely ignoring common sense and social convention”. And it has a great cover to boot.

As anyone who has watched Downton Abbey will know, traditional British etiquette was quite a minefield – one misplaced spoon, wrongly-tied cravat or badly-worded letter resulted in humiliation and, worse, being socially ostracised. Happily for anyone who still takes this kind of thing very seriously (or has a granny who is particular about everything being done ‘properly’), we have just the ticket. Tatler, the fountain of all social knowledge, has teamed up with Debrett’s, the “steward of aristocratic heritage and the arbiter of society etiquette” to teach us all about Style & The Season, reasoning that “if you look good, you feel good”. Want to know about the cultural significance of events like Royal Ascot and what on earth ‘smart-casual’ means? This course, part of Tatler and Debrett’s School of Etiquette, is for you. You’ll find the rest of us learning on the trot.

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