If you haven’t already noticed with our traditional Tinsbury and our Merino Marlow, we have a bit of a thing for wool. Why? Being natural, warm and sustainable are some of the key reasons, to name only a few. In support of the Campaign for Wool who say: ‘live naturally and choose wool’, we created a short film for their annual Wool Week. It involves a sweet little sheep on its journey all the way from the British countryside to our store in Soho.


What’s pretty brilliant about wool is that due to its natural DNA, it’s a biodegradable protein fibre that can easily decompose in a matter of years, releasing valuable nitrogen-based nutrients back into the soil. To add to this, as long as sheep are around, wool is a readily-available, renewable fibre. A simple mix of water, fresh air, sunshine and grass (and don’t forget the sheep itself) is all that’s needed to produce a new fleece every year. To add to wool’s plethora of benefits, clothes made from 100% wool are odour and fire resistant – it gives us good grounding to build a theory that sheep are the real heroes of the 21st Century.


Want to keep your wool in tip-top shape? You’ve got to take care of it. It might require a bit of attention, but it’s simple really. Follow these steps and it’ll last for years to come:

  1. Handwash your garment inside out with a trusted detergent (one designed to be used with wool) in a big basin of warm water.
  2. Squeeze the soapsuds through the garment to avoid felting.
  3. Take your garment out of the basin and squeeze to get rid of excess water – but don’t wring as it could stretch out of shape.
  4. Reshape your garment to its original shape, then leave to dry on a flat surface. Don’t hang it – gravity isn’t wool’s friend – this will distort its shape.
  5. Once dry, store flat so it keeps its shape.




Here are just some of our wool heroes *heart eyes emoji* – contemporary coats, autumnal jumpers and everything else in-between. Stylish right? For AW17, we’re continuing with our iconic cable crew jumpers (because why on earth would we get rid of them?), and due to their success, our bestsellers – like the trench coat and the mac – have been reconstructed out of wool because no wardrobe should be without a bit of texture.

Touching upon new innovations and updates, Jack Wills has been working with our partners in Portugal to develop a unique cotton-wool blend. We’re proud to say that it’s now part of our new collection and features our iconic logo.

With a huge range of wool products, we hope you’ll agree that we’ve got the whole wool front covered. Stay natural folks and shop our ladies’ favourites and our gents’ favourites too.