Be you poet, designer or banker, in a world dominated by devices and electronic modes of writing, the act of putting pen to paper is ever more important – especially when that paper has been made and constructed into a notebook within the confines of the UK. Yorkshire-based, Silvine has been a stalwart of British stationery for centuries, building its business around creating Victorian ledgers.

With roots stretching as far back as 1837, the company now makes top-end stationery for our modern-day needs. Its iconic red notebooks once filled butchers, bakers and greengrocers up and down the country, accompanied always, they say, ‘by a fat red pencil sharpened with a knife’ and were the inspiration for Silvine’s Originals collection. Based on journals found in its own archives, the collection uses paper sourced from the James Cropper Mill found in the picturesque surroundings of the Lake District. 

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