The festive tradition of chocolate giving is as old as Father Christmas himself. Legend has it that jolly old St. Nick, in the town of Myra, located in modern-day Turkey, would leave coins for the town’s unsuspecting but altogether well-behaved children. It wasn’t long before gold was exchanged for chocolate and we’ve been gifting each other treats every year since.

This year we suggest you peruse MAST’s selection. Foil-covered chocolate coins these are not; however we know which we’d rather find in our stocking come 25th December. Founded in 2007 by Brooklyn-natives and bearded brothers Rick and Michael, the MAST brand, based in New York, has since opened flagships in both Los Angeles and London.

Known for their scrupulous attention to detail, the brothers’ range of delicious chocolates, beverages and infectiously more-ish confections embody as much of their signature clarity of flavour as they do an admirable and unashamedly hipster aesthetic.

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