Diet is not a banned word at Protein Haus. Whatever diet you’re on, in their words, “extreme or balanced, we’re here to serve”. If it’s a shake you’re after, you’ll find it at Protein Haus. A super green juice? Yep. A protein pizza or low-cal carrot cake? Yes really. And founder Carli Wheatley knows her stuff – she was a personal trainer and she’s a qualified nutritionist too.

“I am basically like most of you who love fitness and vibe off working hard and feeling great!” We’re not sure we’re in quite the same bracket as Carli but we applaud her enthusiasm. Her staff members have all completed a minimum of level 1 PH nutrition training so “don’t be shy” when you’re picking up your protein fix – “we are here to help you and to make dieting easy or help you achieve whatever goals you have”.

We asked Carli a few questions about her company and its most popular products – read on to find out what the Vegan Bad Ass is…

When did you launch Protein Haus and why? 
Three years ago – I was working as a personal trainer and I was frustrated that my clients who wanted to get results simply didn’t have the time to prepare their own food, so I started making their meals and that’s where it first began.

How would you sum up the difference between Protein Haus and other brands we may think similar?
We cater for diets. When you want to lose weight you have to go hard; you have to get rid of the sauces and salt etc. We offer an on-the-go solution to results! And for those who achieve these, we make it easy to maintain their ideal body shape – you can eat a lot with us and look great. As regular customers discover, we offer the very best cakes and shakes, which are all very low calorie.

What’s your favourite Protein Haus product?
Carrot cake – under 200 calories and tastes amazing.

What is your most popular shake?
Lean PB. It’s a creamy peanut butter dream! We also offer a great vegan shake called the Vegan Bad Ass – it’s yummy.

What advice would you give to someone embarking on a heath kick?
Come to Protein Haus – we make it so easy!

Visit the Protein Haus website to get your fix.