If you weren’t aware already (a fact you should probably keep to yourself if so) today the entire world celebrates Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday. We could think of no better way to honour our monarch than to install a huge Union Jack in our Soho store’s window.

A Union Jack you say? That’s original for Jack Wills. Well haters, this one is made out of hundreds of waving Queens – 768 to be precise.

The vital statistics:
768 hand painted waving queens
40 cans of spray paint
12 coffees to keep the installation team going
4 superglued fingers
3 days of non-stop spray painting
2 weeks of planning, sourcing and organising
1 celebratory window

It will remain in the window for the coming weeks to celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday in full red, white and blue glory. So get down to our Soho store (just off Regent’s Street) to check it out.